Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the minimum number of cash desks needed to make this viable for my store?

Ideally you would have 3 cashier (till) points within the store.

2) What benefits will I see using Ultinous Alert?

The Ultinous Retail Platform is the only in-store operational platform that tells you what to do before you need to do it. Reduce the number of unacceptable queues and therefore: improve sales, increase conversion rate and reduce basket abandonments resulting in improving the overall customer experience.

3) I don't have problems with queues but I would love to spot when someone is waiting for an assistant at a cash desk or customer service point.

Ultinous can help improve customer experience and satisfaction by sending alerts to your store staff when someone is waiting for an assistant at a cash desk or customer service point.

4) Do you supply any in-store analytics?

Beside queue prediction Ultinous provides: - Dwell time measurement by demographics - Footfall traffic counting - Staff to customer ratio optimisation - Passer-by traffic tracking - Customer recognition:number of returning customers

5) How do I know that my store is suitable for Ultinous Alert?

We work with many retailers, stores sizes and store types, contact us to see if your store is suitable for Ultinous Alert.

6) Can I use my existing CCTV infrastructure (minimal requirements)?

Yes, you can use existing CCTV infrastructure, contact us for minimal requirements. If the system isn’t suitable, then we can work together to upgrade it. Ultinous has worked together with many stores to set up the right infrastructure for the best quality alerting.

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