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The only in-store operational platform that tells what you need to do
before you need to do it.

How your retail store benefits from Pre-alerting*?

* The ability to alert you before a queue is about to form.

Shorter Queues

89% of shoppers have left a store as a result of the length of the queue

Queues are the biggest single factor that stop customers from entering your stores. Research indicates that 89% of shoppers have left a store as a result of the length of the queue. More worryingly 65% of these admitted visiting a rival store straight after in order to get what they need. The result means that you don’t just lose that sale, but potentially the lifetime value of that customer. Anything that retailers can do to shorten queues will help to improve the customer experience and keep shoppers coming back. Queue Alert from Ultinous is the only queue prediction system that tells you when a queue is going to happen. Our results speak for themselves:

Before Ultinous AlertAfter Ultinous Alert

Increased revenue

Revenues can increase from between 2.5 - 5.5% just by improving the queue lengths in-store

A few extra minutes waiting at a checkout can have a big impact on your store’s total revenue. Our own customer studies show that revenues can increase from between 2.5 - 5.5% just by improving the queue lengths in-store. This is due to improved customer satisfaction based on a number of key factors: shoppers choose you, instead of a competition due to your shorter queues; time poor shoppers, who see small queues, are likely to spend more time in the store shopping (rather than rushing to get to the checkout) thereby increasing the number of items they buy; and finally, shoppers who might lose patience and abandon a basket of goods whilst waiting in a queue are more likely to complete their purchase if queues are of an acceptable length.

Improved Conversion Rate

Assuming that everyone that enters your store is a potential customer, then your objective is to get as many of these people to buy as possible. Seeing a long queue in a store when someone is short on time - during a lunch break for example - might encourage them not to buy anything and leave empty handed. Conversely, if you have too many staff on the checkouts, you may be missing valuable customer interaction on the shop floor that could improve the chances of a sale. Being able to predict when queues are about to form helps to improve your conversion rates.

Reduced abandoned baskets

A customer who drops an item in their basket is certainly demonstrating an intent to buy. It is therefore unfortunate if they leave these products in the store, just because they see long queues or do not get the customer service support they require to continue with a purchase. Avoid this by ensuring that you have the right store personnel in the right right place at the right time. This includes knowing when to have the right number of people on the checkouts, prior to a queue forming, and also when to close a checkout, due to reduced predicted queues.

Before Ultinous AlertAfter Ultinous Alert

Improved Cashier Optimisation

Learning how to optimise queue lengths and/or customer waiting times is essential to the quality of the service a retailer provides. The customer’s experience in store, as a result of having to queue for an excessive amount of time, is a decisive factor between choosing your store over the competition. In a perfect world you would have the checkouts manned throughout the working day, but this is not cost effective or an efficient use of resources. Having too few checkout personnel will impact on customer service levels. Therefore getting the optimum ratio of cashiers to customers is crucial.

Overall improved Customer Experience

Seamlessly blending technology, experience and service to meet customer demand is a critical strategy for successful retailers. By identifying and improving what truly makes a difference to your shoppers, like short waiting times or having staff available to answer questions on the shop floor, you can create an in-store experience that strengthens your competitive position.

Introducing Ultinous Alert

The Ultinous Alert Platform leverages cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, which means shopper patterns can be assessed in real time, to predict when a queue is going to form before it happens.

It does this by building up a profile about each individual store and how it works. This allows it to learn to respond to the needs of the store and tells the store managers what to do to improve their trading. Alerting methods depend on the individual store requirements. Ultinous Alert Platform can be implemented easily and cost effectively using the existing CCTV infrastructure into any size of store portfolio - from 5 - 5,000". 

Ultinous Alert data can be easily combined with existing analytic information.

What you get with Ultinous Alert Platform?

Using your existing CCTV infrastructure you can

Predict queues before they occur

Reduce the number of unacceptable queues and therefore: improve sales; increase conversion rate and reduce basket abandonments resulting in improving the overall customer experience.

Measure dwell times by demographics

Determine how long your customers stay in your store or department based on their individual demographic profile. This will enable you to better understand your customers and assess your marketing effectiveness.

Count footfall traffic into your store

Accurately count customers coming into your store enabling you to identify peak trading times, calculate conversion rate and align staff with traffic.

Optimise staff to customer ratio

Accurately determine the number staff on your shop floor, alerting you when there is a mismatch between the number of staff and customers. This will ensure that you can provide the best customer service that your business demands.

Track passer-by traffic

Accurately and consistently count the number of people passing your store and in which direction they are walking to determine peel off rates. This gives you the ability to compare footfall location across your portfolio.

Recognise your customers

With the advancement of facial recognition technology you can accurately determine the number of returning customers across your store portfolio. As a consequence of this you will also be able to identify known offenders to alert store security staff.

What did the users of Ultinous Alert experience?

“We finally have a solution that actively reduces our queues before they happen.”

Store Manager

“This is the first time that a system like this is telling me what to do rather than having to analyse endless graphs and tables.”

Cashier Manager

“We didn't need yet another analytical tool that is why we chose Ultinous Alert.”


“Frankly, the results speak for themselves. We are going to roll out to additional stores!”

Store Ops Director

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